Max in the workshopI started this project by coincidence!

As our next door neighbour had several broken chairs and an old dresser which was stripped, I, of course, being willing to help, said, “leave it to me, I’ll fix them all up!”.

Well, I was surprised myself how they all came out! As I’m ‘old school’ and don’t cut corners, I was impressed with myself.

The dresser, which was stripped is now done in a lovely hint of grey and green, and restored to its full glory!

I gave them back to my neighbour. He said, “thank you” and that was the end of that. Several weeks later, my neighbour was having a party. He invited my wife and I. It was a great evening and, to my surprise, I was inundated by my neighbour’s friends’ requests to restore their furniture. I was shocked and surprised by their response.

Two years on, I now have my own shabby chic/vintage furniture business which is very successful.

After living in Shad Thames for many years, my wife and I decided to move out of London to South Wales in a lovely old history town of Carmarthen.  We are now living in a very beautiful part of Carmarthenshire and I am still continuing my business from here.