Enamel Steel Plaques

A brief history of enamel steel plaques

For its sheer beauty, variety, longevity and eye catching appeal it’s hard to beat porcelain, enamel advertising  signs. Once the most popular advertising medium, even recently you could not help coming across such advertising signs wherever you went;  shops, offices, petrol  or railway stations, river routes or highways. Time has changed now and it is a  rare occasion if you see such signs in public.

Enamel signs are  now a desirable and prospectively lucrative collectible for the qualities that had once assured its sovereign place in the field of advertising. The graphic art and the touches of history they are steeped in make them even more valuable.

Porcelain enamel is actually powdered glass fused onto iron. Initially rolled iron was used for this purpose. A base coat of one colour was fired after which stenciling was done to represent different coloured areas. The graphic would be finished by firing one on top of another. The huge thickness of all the layers of paint would give it a 3D effect.


This one measures  450cm x 300cm in very good condition

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The name on this plaque is a street in the centre of Paris


I have a few more waiting to go on my page



This is genuine item