Late Victorian Oak Roll Top Desk

1900 roll top deck 

Here is a bit of history:

A rolltop desk is a 19th century reworking of a pedestal desk with, in addition, a series of stacked compartments, shelves, drawers and of nooks in front of the user,much like the bureau a gradin or the Carlton House desk.In contrast to these the compartments and the desktop surface of a rooltop desk can be covered by means of a tambour consisting of  linked wooden slats that roll or slide though slots in the raised sides of the desk.In that,it is a descendant in function,and partly in form,of the cylinder desk of the 18th century. It is a relative of the tambour desk whose slats retract horizontally rather than vertically. 



Hi, just got this lovely old late Victorian oak roll top desk in. What a lovely little gem. Got lots of ideas for this item. This is going to make a stunning piece of furniture in any part of the house or in a studio. When this is fully restored you will see this on our home page completely.

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