Roll Top Desk/ 1914




Edwardian Oak Roll Top Desk £985.00

Circa 1910 With a fitted interior of pigeon holes small drawers over a kneehole base with single pedestal bank drawers. Panelled and polished all sides. This is a rare roll top desk with lovely compact proportions.

Solid with no loose joins.

The desk stands on period castors with some wear as one would expect.

Note that this piece can be taken apart for transport, but it will take a couple of hours for semi-skilled person to reassemble. Alternatively, it can be shipped as one piece, but please bear in mind it’s size and weight.

Would look great in the right location!


Overall maximum dimension:91cmWx 66cmDx113cmH writing  surface 62cm H knee hole].


Please note that this item is large and heavy. Please make sure before buying that it will fit in and can be manoeuvred into the room that it is intended for. The customer will need to provide 1 strong able bodied. 




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