We now have new items coming  to our website; yes that right all used vintage leather goods!

Here are a few of our items.

The first one is a genuine Italian leather by Via Borgospesso Milano. A ladies handbag in lime green in mint condition, this quality superb bag dates back from  2001 and has never been used.

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The full price of this item £95.00 exclusive of delivery.

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The next one is a late 1996, vintage mens leather clutch bag. The finest Italian leather made from vegetable-tanned Italian leather. The tannery is located in the Hec Italian consortium. In very good condition for its age.


The full price of this late 1996 vintage brown clutch bag made by Boros  is £60.00 includes free delivery to UK.


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Our next item is a late vintage  Italian crocodile suitcase made by Pontus-Philippe in Italy in mint condition and as far as we know it been used just 5 times in the past. 

The picture doesn’t do it justice.



This lovely, rich oxblood colour suitcase date back from late 1990 and it has been well looked after by the previous owners. The dimensions of this item is as follows: length 91cm width 500cm depth 24cm.

The full price of this item is £285.00 plus delivery

All of our products are the genuine items from past years.

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Our next item is a lovely vintage, late 2001 leather black unisex briefcase made by Boros.




This lovely black leather briefcase  has many compartments for all you need and more. Again this item has just been used a few times  – you can see from the pictures how good it looks and once again this is in mint condition. This dates back to 2001. The dimensions: as length 40cm depth 30cm width 80 cm. There are also lots of pockets at the back and side of the bag. The full price of this item is £115.00 with delivery to UK.

Our next item is a full size, black leather vintage three suit garment bag. This vintage leather garment bag lets you carry up to three suits comfortably, easily and stylishly. Heavy duty hardware for excellent durability door or closet rod hanger two garment hangers outside pockets for added room. Made by Tumi. This dates back to 1989 and its in once again in mint condition, in its year this particular was selling for over £1500 pounds if you check out the web for Tumi you will see that there are still selling for over £500. 






The price of this beautiful soft leather garment bag is £385.00. It has been used no more than a few times – great value!

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The next item is a pair of Italian shoes. Once again these are as good as new.

They have been used just once and have been stored in a box for the last 15 years. Lovely, soft leather in light brown. The size is continental size 42 1/2. Made by Mirage, they are the genuine article and very stylish. The price of this item is £50.00 with delivery to UK.




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